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Simple compliance courses that are quick, easy, inexpensive and allow you to print a certificate of compliance.

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Compliance Training USA courses are the right tools to help you meet HR and OSHA compliance requirements within your organization. Our expert training content partners utilize safety and sociological experts to develop course materials.

While our safety courses are written to aid compliance with specific OSHA regulations, OSHA lets you, the employer, decide how you want to incorporate online training tools and printable certificates into your overall regimen. Every employer has to meet the unique site-specific hazards and work processes within their location.

Our clients use our tools as part of overall programs regularly. OSHA does not offer approvals for third party training programs at this time.

industry expertise codified into video course format

Our courses contain high quality videos built by industry experts.  These courses are designed specifically to meet your compliance needs.


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Samuel F.


Straightforward online on boarding for my bluecollar crew.

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Karen O.


Clear and concise class, without a lot of fluff - allowed me to get through it quickly.

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Cal B.


Compliance issues are a burden - THANK YOU for making the ride a bit easier.

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